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New vehicles
Vehicles newer than 1998
House Contents
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We do not insure you if:
You are under 25 years old
you had more than 2 claims in 3 years.
immobiliser is not factory fitted (or VESA )
Your vehicle is a rebuild
your vehicle is mechanically modified
your car is parked in the street overnight
  Insuranceworld is proud to be associated with Santam Insurance, Mutual and Federal, Unity Insurance, Momentum  and AIG Insurance.
  These insurance companies well known in the insurance market and has the ability to pay their car insurance claims fast and efficiently.
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    Insurance terms (glossary)
    Cheap car insurance : The pitfalls ....... Positives and negatives
    What is better ? a Broker or dealing direct with the insurance company?
   9 ways to save  big on your car insurance
   How safe is your car ? How will your car protect you in a accident ?

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