King Price Car Insuranceking price car insurance policies

King Price is famous for its affordable car insurance premiums that decrease from month to month as the car loses value. They are also very flexible as you can choose your excess.

What are my options?

Comprehensive cover – This covers all accidental damage to your car, theft and hijacking. It also covers third parties and their property.

Third Party + Fire & Theft – With this policy your car will be covered in case of fire and theft (not accidents). Third parties will also be covered (should you injure someone or cause damage to their vehicle or other property).

Third Party Only – This only covers a third party in case of injury or damage to their property.


  • You have the option to cover your car accessories like sound etc.
  • You can also be covered for car hire.

If you are interested in a policy from King Price, please request a quote and an agent will get back to you with more details.